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Do you need
qualified employees
for your company’s
logistics activities?

At C&M logistic services we provide qualified, experienced personnel ready to improve your company’s productivity.

Using our service you’ll get your company free of the
complexity of recruiting and hiring staff directly.

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Since 2015, our clients trust C&M Logistic Services because we have highly trained people who do their work with responsibility and commitment.

Our C&M Logistic Services team serves more than 18 companies in the Los Angeles area daily, moving all kinds of merchandise such as toys, food, clothing, appliances, tires, and other supplies.


Our temporary employee services for the logistics sector can carry out the following activities:

Lumper services

Our lumpers are professionally trained to unload and load containers.

General labor

Highly trained personnel to receive and process incoming materials in stock, pick up and fill stock orders, pack and ship orders, and manage, organize, and retrieve stocks in the warehouse.

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Order picker

Ideal staff to carry out the precise and organized selection of orders. They will inspect the products to make sure there are no lost or damaged items. They can also reposition them, and pack the products efficiently.
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Forklift operator

Our professional forklift
operators have around 2 to 5
years of experience operating
any type of forklift.


Services to restaurants

We offer our trained staff for restaurants such as cooks, taqueros, customer service representatives, and more.


After many years of knowing the logistics business from its bases, in 2015 we created C&M Logistic Services.

We are a company that provides temporary employees for logistics services. Our team offers quality services based on a philosophy of being professionals in all the jobs we do, from the simplest to the most complex.

We encourage teamwork, passionate commitment, unmatched dedication, and attention to detail. We make sure that every customer receives value, quality, and satisfaction.


We offer you wooden pallets with all industry certifications. We also have supplies necessary for the operation such as plastic rolls and tapes in various sizes.
And we offer the technical repair service for pallets so that your company always has quality material that guarantees a safe and efficient operation.


We understand the vital importance of having a job to support a family and achieve your personal goals.

At C&M Logistic Services we would like to hear from you, know your skills, and your availability to learn and work. 


Please fill out the form and we will contact you shortly.

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